Brandlehow Primary School Treehouse Playground

Custom Made Treehouse Climbing Frame

Brandlehow Primary School were in the process of having a new nursery built and wanted to install wooden playground equipment that would be in keeping with the new building.

Team 51.5 Degrees’ Architects, who had designed the main building, designed a great wooden playground that maximised the potential of the space next to the nursery. Their model was created to give the client the best impression of what we had planned. The model was then drafted into shop drawings and included a sweeping spiral ramp, fireman’s pole, seating, musical instruments, musical mushrooms, a rope bridge, internal sandpit, balancing logs, stepping stumps, a den underneath and a hammock between two trees.

Turf was laid with a combination of ground stabilising mesh and safety matting to provide a robust but natural play surface. The end product is a beautiful playground, in keeping with the building, which all the children love.

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