outdoor fitness equipment

Whether in times of lockdown or not we all need to find ways of keeping fit and healthy which can include all the family, and this means seeking out the right equipment.

Outdoor fitness equipment

If you are thinking of setting up some natural outdoor gym equipment in your garden or you are looking for a nearby outdoor gym setting, one piece of equipment to look for is a set of monkey bars. This is because not only are most outdoor monkey bars constructed from safe, durable timber, they nearly always form a reliable part of any natural outdoor play equipment set-up.

Most importantly of all, they’re safe and fun for people of all ages to use and useful for strengthening muscles, improving coordination and improving overall health and fitness.

Improve Muscle Tone and Strength

For adults and older children, monkey bars provide the ideal opportunity to work on little-used muscles:

The Latissimus Dorsi and Deltoid (shoulder) muscles are the ones which aid movement as you pull yourself up towards the bars.

The Biceps (upper arm) muscles gain tone and strength through pulling up and holding on as you swing across the bars.

The Abdominal muscles and Obliques are both called into play as you move forward and swing from side to side as you do so. These muscles provide core stability and strength and as you increase the strength in these you will find you are better able to swing your legs up towards the upper bars over time.

The muscles and grip strength of the hands also benefit greatly the more you use your monkey bars. If you have any weakness of the hands or wrists be sure to wear a good quality hand and wrist support.

Create a Family Routine

There are lots of different exercises you can do on the monkey bars including chin-ups, abdominal curl-ups and pull-ups all of which will improve your fitness levels. Adults and kids can get together and work out a schedule of exercises to do together, maybe even with a bit of competition thrown in.

Younger children love monkey bars because they can, quite literally, monkey around on them and kids are usually more fearless on them than the grown-ups. The important thing is that, while they’re playing around they’re improving their fitness and tiring themselves out at the same time!

When choosing monkey bars remember to seek out natural wooden play equipment to ensure a quality product that is safe to use – for both adults and children – and long-lasting too. You’ll find plenty of choice on our site.

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  • Really insightful article! Completely agree with you. Monkey bars can be enjoyed by children and parents alike! Even performing dead hangs from the monkey bars benefits the spine, shoulders and the forearms. Outdoor play could a great way for the family to bond.

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