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Wooden Play structure with slideThe last couple of years have brought challenges for all of us from the retail sector through manufacturing to import and export businesses and one of the biggest issues has been around obtaining goods and products from overseas.
Indeed, along with so many other businesses we have struggled with longer lead times from overseas manufacturers as have many of our customers and this has led to an increase in customer enquiries. And as welcome as these extra enquiries for our playground equipment are, we are looking upon the current supply difficulties as a great opportunity to take advantage of the
growing clamour for British made products. Indeed, statistics released by the Office of National Statistics have highlighted the increase in demand for British products around the world.

Proud of our products

Climbing wall denHere at PlayEquip we are very proud to be able to produce the kind of natural wooden playground and outdoor gym equipment, including bespoke items, that companies, local authorities, schools and other organisations can be confident in the fact that the manufacture and installation of equipment is second to none. They can also be sure, when choosing outdoor play equipment from us that the materials used in the production process ensures durability and longevity through many years of robust use.
We have always taken pride in manufacturing our products using steel for durability and hardwood timber which does not need any additional chemical treatment so ensuring a low maintenance, long-lasting piece of equipment which is safe for people of all ages to use.

Now using British hardwood

In order to circumvent the supply chain problems plaguing manufacturing in the UK and more importantly to fulfil our customers’ requirements more speedily we are especially proud of the fact that we have now started to design and build our outdoor playground equipment using UK-grown timbers. These are sustainably sourced from non-coniferous certified woodlands here in the UK and according to government guidelines. All UK-grown timbers are sustainably seasoned and kiln dried to ensure that the natural beauty, strength and characteristics of the wood are retained.

How will this affect our products?

Bespoke Playground EquipmentAt PlayEquip we have more than 15 years of experience in the manufacture of high-quality playground and outdoor gym
equipment, using only the best quality hardwoods and steel for products designed by our highly qualified design team. We fully
expect our bespoke design products, for which we are industry leaders, to be more sought after than ever before to reflect the
fact that UK-grown quality timbers are now incorporated into our products.

Still the same choice

Our outdoor playground equipment includes a huge variety of items designed to be enjoyed by children of all ages and abilities
so whether your requirement is for playground swings and slides, climbing frames, trim trails or wooden playhouses you can be
assured of the same high quality that is our hallmark.
Our dedication to cutting-edge design, safety and durability will only benefit from our decision to embrace an all-British
manufacturing process and we know our customers will feel the benefits too.

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