Squat Lift


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Squat Lift

The simplicity of this item gives a fantastic workout for users with a range of abilities. A unique piece of outdoor fitness equipment that allows a multitude of exercises including weighted squats and rows. These exercises work all of the following muscles.

  • gluteus maximus, minimus, and medius (buttocks)
  • quadriceps (front of the thigh)
  • hamstrings (back of the thigh)
  • adductor (groin)
  • hip flexors.
  • calves
  • latissimus dorsi (middle back)
  • rhomboids (between shoulder blades)
  • trapezius (neck, shoulders, and upper back)
  • biceps brachii (front of upper arm)

Quite impressive for one piece of kit.

The squat lift can be ordered in a range of lengths and in multiple numbers. This then allow different weights depending on the length as the increased volume of timber and length increases the weight.

*remember to add a ‘how to use’ plate if ordering for public spaces.

Outdoor Squat Lift Features

  • 150mm solid oak or robinia beams
  • Stainless steel bars
  • Adjustable height to order
  • Stainless steel fixings
  • Made in the UK


  • Timber – 15 years
  • Stainless steel bars – 15 years


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