Cypress School Bespoke Playramp



South Norwood Hill Children’s Centre in south London wanted to develop the centre to make maximum use of the surrounding space.

They provided a nominal development budget as a basis to work ideas from. erect architecture, in consultation with the school stake holders, developed a design in line with the school’s vision.

The final bespoke design consisted of a number of ramps, stairs and walkways providing access from the raised veranda to the outdoor space below it. Underneath the ramp structure a series of tunnels, dens and a music wall provided depth. Patio and storage spaces were also incorporated to act as a buggy park. The ramp now provides a playful yet useful route down to previously unused space. It's a great place for younger children to explore and is a great example of what can be done with good consultation and understanding of the client’s needs.

Playgrounds don't have to be just monkey bars and swings. They can be useful spaces that have many dimensions and compliment their surroundings. 

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