Phoenix Prep School

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Phoenix Prep School had a limited space typical with most inner city schools and needed to make the most of their small school playground. 

We needed to provide a multi-use play structure that left as much space for the children to be active and burn off energy. The new structure included a scramble ramp, hidden net, ball run, den area, performance stage and steps leading to a slide.

The structure was made from a combination of oak and larch which are naturally durable timbers that don't require the use of chemical treatment. Something that we feel is very important for both environmental and health reasons. All fixing used were stainless steel meaning that this bespoke structure would naturally stand the test of time.

If you have a small space that need to make the absolute most of then get in touch. With a free consultation we can discuss how the playground works and how to best to achieve its full potential. We will give you expert advise on play safety, materials and how to create as much fun in one area as possible.