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PlayEquip are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of outdoor wooden playground equipment. We supply commercial to schools, parks, councils, architects, housing developers, and individuals. Our highly durable and natural wooden playground equipment is perfect for parks, public spaces, and gardens. 

Our beautiful contemporary playground creations utilise both timber and steel components to provide a natural, long-lasting and fun solutions for all outdoor spaces. Unlike most suppliers, the hardwood timbers used to make our playground equipment is naturally durable and does not require any chemical treatment. This combined with stainless steel fixings provide a low maintenance provision that gives our customers real piece of mind and value for money.

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Sustainable Playgrounds

Local materials and production

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Bespoke Playground Equipment Design

As well as the sale of wooden playground equipment, PlayEquip are well known for our bespoke playground design and construction. We have over 15 years of experience of site-specific playgrounds and play safety, making us the industry leader and number one choice for private clients and institutions such as developers and architects.
We have a firm belief that bespoke playground equipment is often the best way to maximise both your space and budget. Whether that's using customised playground equipment, or the design of a totally unique playground structure.



Climbing Frames


wooden seesaw

Wooden Seesaw





Climbing Log



Playground stumps


Playground Stumps


nursery swingNursery Swing



playground logs

Playground Logs


Wide metal embankment slide for playgrounds


Wide Slide

£1,850 – £2,400

We are PlayEquip

We are PlayEquip; a leading UK playground equipment supplier. We specialise in being the solution for play areas and playground equipment for any space. We believe life is a far better place if we can play, and with evidence to back up the value of play for our children’s wellbeing and educational attainment, we are proud to be able to offer our services to those looking to bring quality equipment into the playground, the park or the garden.

For more than 15 years, we have been the chosen supplier to commercial projects looking to add play value to their developments. Working within community hubs, schools, playgrounds, parks and public spaces our equipment has helped to build play areas and playground equipment all over the country. We pride ourselves on not just tackling the bigger projects but also offering an affordable answer for many home gardens, as we are just as enthusiastic to offer advice and supply a lone piece of playground equipment right through to a complete redesign of a community play space.

As well as the direct sale of wooden ready-made playground equipment, which can be ordered and delivered quickly, we also offer a full design and installation service where required.  We are also specialists in the development of bespoke playground projects, literally from the ground up.  We will work in consultation with you to create the perfect design for your play space, supply, install and keep to your budget whilst we turn your vision into a reality.

Our experts can manage all aspects of your playground design. Our initial playground consultations will establish the best use of the area you have available, and our range of ideas provide inspiration to help you create the ultimate playground installation both within budget and at speed. 

Our full range of play equipment meets all required safety standards and is guaranteed to give many long years of service and pleasure to children of all ages. Our designers and playground installation teams are experts in safety legislation and ensure that each development whether bespoke or a standard equipment fit, from a single item to an entire playground space is carried out to meet and where possible exceed all legislative safety requirements.

Our playground equipment is constructed using hardwood timber and steel that ensures low maintenance and this has made it the number one choice for both private clients and institutions such as architects and developers when choosing the ideal playground design and range of play equipment for their builds. The type of timber used and our construction methods means that the wood does not require any additional chemical treatment and is guaranteed for 15 years. We use top quality rope in our construction, which comes with a 2-year guarantee and can be replaced easily.

Giving children of all ages (including young at heart adults) play opportunities is so important in today’s modern age, where computer games means many spend more time indoors now than any other.  It is vitally important that the play opportunities we offer are exciting, challenging and interesting to draw children and adults outside regularly.  We believe our range of play and fitness equipment fits the bill perfectly.  With it, we aim to provide ideal opportunities for both social interaction and solo play.  Our playground ideas and designs provide perfect play opportunities by using our extensive and growing range of play products and equipment to their best advantage. Both our readily available products on our product pages through to our custom designed bespoke options for your play space allow children from all age groups the interaction and inclusive play opportunities that are vital to their social and emotional development.

Encouraging both fine and gross motor skill development through our play equipment will help your children’s concentration, improve their sleep patterns and give them a reason to switch off technology and get outside in the fresh air, which we know through research helps them with their studies as well as being good for their general health and wellbeing!  And, as an adult we have just the fitness equipment to challenge you also.

Quality playground installations will allow children (and yes, even adults!) to benefit from regular exercise and fun something we should all encourage.  Our vision and expertise in creating playground design options using our range of wooden and steel outdoor playground equipment will ensure your new playground area has equipment that will last for many years, with very little maintenance required to keep it looking great.

Our inclusive play solutions provide opportunities for children of all ages to engage in outdoor play, choosing or designing from a vast range to ensure that all abilities have the ideal place to play safely and have fun in the outside world. Our use of wood creates a tactile experience for users, whilst being far more environmentally friendly for our planet we need to protect. Providing a more natural experience for our children we believe is far better than the many plastic offerings in the world of playground equipment. We also believe it lasts better too.

Our range is only as limited as our imagination, and that is something we have worked hard on over the years, and are yet to find its limits. We have certainly learnt well, with many of clients returning repeatedly when they require additional play equipment for an existing site or when a new project needs our flair and inspiration to bring to life the playground of dreams for the children they serve. 

Fast Turnaround

PlayEquip have a UK based workshop which aims to dramatically reduce lead times for delivery and installation services where required for all of our playground equipment and design services.  We are able to turn your ideas and visions into the perfect play space whatever the age of the user and all with impressive speed.

Throughout our many years of playground design and through our quality manufacturing facilities we aim to supply and install playground equipment in under 28 days. Even if your new playground requires a fully tailored design for your child or children, we are here to make sure you don’t have to wait too long for it. 

Whether you require just one piece of equipment such as a climbing wall for your back garden or community hub, or are looking to replace or refresh a full playground with equipment, using single catalogue items or many from our range, we are here to help.

PlayEquip offer bespoke made to measure and purpose design and built equipment to fit your playground space requirements, alongside our extensive catalogue play equipment. Our experience in the playground equipment industry built up over many successful years enables us to create perfect design models for your play space. We can ensure our designs will fit naturally within any existing playground equipment or create your ideal new play space.

Why not contact us to see the options you have?

International Shipping

We may be located in the UK, but we can offer international shipping through our trusted shipping agents to most destinations worldwide!

Robust design with safety in mind

Our comprehensive understanding of the European Playground Equipment Standards (EN1176) gives you the comfort of knowing no matter how wacky or quirky your playground ideas are, we have the equipment and expertise to give you complete freedom to develop the perfect, safe playground design.

A flexible service tailored to your needs

Whether you want us to assist you with your choice or supply and install your playground equipment, our team of playground equipment specialists are versed in all aspects of playground construction from conception to construction. From our playground designers through to our onsite playground construction teams we can handle as much or as little of the playground installation you need.

We understand that every project is unique. Our bespoke service will allow you to maximise the use of your budget and space, and you will be delighted to learn that site-specific playground design for your play area is not as costly as you would imagine. 

Local sustainable materials

We pride ourselves on using sustainable wood which we source locally, which we manufacture to the highest quality to ensure our equipment is as hardwearing and sustainable as the trees we use to make it.  Our use of steel in the manufacture of fittings and additional elements of the play equipment, such as slides and fixings ensure that their lifespan is long and they are as durable and sustainable as the wood they sit in. 

We use quality rope, some of which has a lateral steel core, to ensure it will carry the load easily required of it. Whilst these elements requirement replacement periodically, our use of the highest quality rope available to meet the high usage expected of our equipment such as wobble boards and climbing frames ensures that replacement of these is kept to a minimum.

Our choice of timbers ensures that chemical preservation is not necessary to keep them in good order, again adding to the environmentally friendly nature of our play areas.

Catalogue Sales

If you are looking for ready to go manufactured play equipment then look no further than our catalogue of ready to go playground equipment. Our catalogue shows full product details and images. These items are ideal for those looking for a quick collection or delivery and already have an idea of the playground equipment they would like.  The process could not be simpler; you choose and collect or arrange delivery through our trusted couriers and we supply.



We offer consultations ideal for those who want to ensure that they create the best play area possible for the budget and space they have available. Through our playground installation consultations, we offer advice and playground ideas that will stretch your imagination and ensure everyone will be happy with the results. We are then happy to supply and install as required.

Bespoke and Standard

Through our UK based manufacturing facilities, we are able to offer the supply of both standard equipment and tailor made bespoke equipment, including those unique to you.  Our installation teams like nothing more than a challenge of combining both. The whole process being handled from start to finish by our in-house team of expert playground designers and installers. They create the perfect playground installation using our designs and your ideas to combine both standard products from our range to sit alongside the bespoke areas or linking products that we build especially for your unique playground design to give it is unique play appeal.

Our aim is to bring the pleasure of outdoor play through natural hardwearing timber and steel products to play areas, gardens, parks and developments across the country. 

Our product pages, containing product images and details will show you the readymade ranges that we offer and inspire you to go further. Via our website contact form or a phone call, our friendly team are always happy to offer more information and advice as to how our services can benefit you.  We firmly believe that as a leading UK supplier you will benefit from our advice and the playground equipment we manufacture and supply will provide you with the best value products for your play area, so children of all ages will be able to enjoy quality playgrounds and equipment.

Our website shows just a few of the installations we have been privileged to be a part of over the years, for you to take inspiration from and we always have new ideas just waiting to be used on play area projects in your area or home. We would be delighted to be the chosen provider for your play products or to create a unique design just for you.

If you would like to know more about what we could do for you, we could give you information about case studies of projects we have taken on previously. Reading our case studies could give you some ideas of how we have helped other clients in a similar situation to you. In some cases, our case studies could provide inspiration as to how you could use our equipment in your space. Other case studies could inspire confidence in the quality of our installations, and our attention to detail when creating the perfect equipment for your space. If you would like us to provide you with case studies, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our website shows many of our installations for you to be inspired be and we always have new ideas just waiting to be used on play area projects.

Our Blogs

Read the latest news all about playground equipment from around the world.

About PlayEquip Design

PlayEquip develop your playground ideas and bring them to life. Whether that’s installing semi-bespoke playground equipment, or designing and building a groundbreaking new bespoke play space. We build strong, trusted relationships with our clients through honest, professional and creative advice, cutting-edge design, quality craftsmanship and budget-conscious intelligent build solutions.

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View our range of outdoor playground equipment here. We supply and install monkey bars, swings, climbing frames, trim trails, sandpits, slides, playhouses, canopies, outdoor fitness equipment, playground surfacing and playground furniture. Our equipment is made from premium quality hardwood timber and stainless steel. Each is made to order and is therefore adaptable to suit your specific needs.

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Bespoke Playground Equipment for gardens, schools, architects, councils, leisure attractions and home builders. Designed, manufactured and installed. We are specialists in the design and construction of bespoke climbing frames and custom-made playground equipment. Our UK-based workshop handcrafts beautiful designs that are made specifically for your needs. All bespoke playground equipment is built and designed in the UK and in accordance to the European safety standard EN1176.

We believe that more often than not bespoke playground equipment is the best way to make the most of a budget and site. Our passion and appreciation for good design is our motivation that shows. Client-led design and a real understanding of how play works consistently creates the best results. Make the most of your playground or garden and get a free consultation with no obligation.

+ View our bespoke climbing frames

Premium wooden outdoor fitness equipment for sale. Perfect for natural settings, such as gardens, schools or public spaces. Crafted from highly durable hardwood timbers and stainless steel, our pieces blend harmoniously into any environment and inspires healthy activity. With no moving parts, our fitness equipment is extremely low maintenance, yet provides a full body workout for all ages and abilities. We supply and install outdoor fitness packages, fitness trails or singular items. These include pull up bars, monkey bars, dip bars and sit up benches 

+ View our outdoor fitness equipment

Our portfolio of work ranges from commercial playground equipment for schools, parks and domestic gardens. Many are for repeat clients or on recommendation. Our range of wooden playground equipment and particularly our bespoke climbing frames have been developed over years of working closely school staff, architects and parks authorities.

+ View our outdoor playground equipment range

Through years of designing and building custom playgrounds, we have gained expert knowledge on how to create the perfect playground equipment for you. We know that best playgrounds are site specific. We will listen closely to your wishes and create the ultimate plans to make the most of your space and budget. We can custom make playground equipment that maximises every inch available

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Frequently Asked Questions

At, one question that we get asked a lot is what is the most popular play equipment that you offer? This is one of those questions that cannot be answered with one distinct answer, each individual customer that comes to us is looking for a different experience for the children who will use their outdoor play equipment so the answer really will vary on a regular basis. In general, wooden climbing frames are a very popular piece of equipment that sit well in any type of playground setting. They are great for those children who are looking to add a little more adventure to their lives and allow for a great deal of imaginative free play and, of course, are a great way to improve some of those all-important skills that children need for development as they grow.

Climbing frames are not just for the park or school playground either; they can also represent the perfect investment for any customer looking to add a piece of play equipment to their garden as well, due to the more compact design of some of the models that we stock in our online shop.

There is a huge variety of different types of playground equipment that could be perfect for a range of different settings, from a park to a school and everything in between. We offer a range of equipment that includes swings, balance equipment, monkey bars, climbing frames and even sandboxes. We can help you find that special piece for your playground that will enhance the space and provide hours of fun for those using your outdoor play equipment.

If you are not able to find the equipment for your playground needs online then the first step is to contact us. We offer a bespoke outdoor playground equipment design service that will allow us to create something special that you cannot find in any online shop. You know the space that you are looking to fill better than anyone else and if you have an idea in mind for your school playground then we can help you to create a special design that fulfils your needs.

If, however we do stock something that suits your requirements, then purchasing is easy. The first step is to add your chosen outdoor playground equipment to your cart and then let us do the rest. We also offer a bespoke carving service so if you would like to add something bespoke to your outdoor playground equipment then get in touch

Quality wooden play equipment isn’t cheap. However, this should not put you off looking at playground equipment for your school, home or local park – in fact whatever space you are looking at could be enhanced with climbing frames, monkey bars or any other item of equipment created specifically for the outdoor playground.

We supply outdoor playground equipment that has been manufactured to the highest standards from some of the best playground equipment manufacturing companies, like Hags and woods like Robinia, because the safety of the children that use this equipment is paramount. We also specialise in manufacturing our own range bespoke playground equipment which we are incredibly proud of.

As a company we are happy to discuss the individual requirements of each customer, whether they are local or have contacted us online, so that any special requirements that they might have from their outdoor playground equipment can be realised. We offer a full-service including design and installation that provides a customer with the playground shopping experience they need for their special project.