wooden children's playhouses

Made from naturally rot-resilient timber, our outdoor wooden playhouses, teepees, and canopies have been designed to be sturdy and chemical free. Ideal for promoting imaginative play in young children, our unique and eye-catching designs will be sure to fuel their imagination as they create fantastic worlds of their own. The sturdy design of our outdoor wooden playhouses ensures that they will be durable castles, impenetrable fortresses, or anything else you can imagine, for years to come. As they are naturally rot-resilient, there is also no need to treat any of our products with chemicals, making them better for the environment and the health of anyone who uses them.

Outdoor Wooden Children’s Playhouses for Schools and Nurseries

If you have your own ideas or concepts of wooden children’s playhouses then get in touch. We love to work with our customers to create unique designs that suit your specific needs. Our flexibility in designs and willingness to understand our customers needs is what make us the finest choice when it comes to creating the best play spaces around.