Monkey bars are just plain fun and challenging too. Luckily you don't have to swing in the jungle to use them because, here at PlayEquip, we supply and install all types of monkey bars. Made to your personal specification from in our very own UK workshop. This means you can have your very own set whether they are for fun play (or exercise) in the garden or going to be installed for use in a public park

Monkey Bars for Fitness and Play

monkey bars

We supply a wide range of monkey bar fit for a multitude of uses. All of PlayEquip’s outdoor playground equipment is made from robust oak and stainless steel. This makes them perfectly suited for gardens, schools, parks and adventure playgrounds. As well as the traditional monkey bar rung design, we also offer variations such as trapeze rope, single beam and swinging rings designs. The extra swinging motion of the rings adds another dimension (and challenge!) on the classic bar design. For kids, for adults, monkey bar gyms, school and playground monkey bars – PlayEquip design, make and install them all. They can be made at smaller heights for younger children so if you want a set for the garden – the whole family can get involved!

The Benefits of Wooden Monkey Bars

Monkey bars are a fantastic piece of apparatus because as well as being a standalone feature they can be used to link playground structures together, provide an obstacle as part of an assault course or be used as an effective piece of outdoor fitness equipment. Plus there is no upper age limit! They are great for kids and adults too as long as you have the upper arm strength to swing, and if not – you will soon develop it!

This is because monkey bars are fantastic for improving physical fitness, including posture control, arm and core strength. Swinging from bar to bar aids rhythm, focus and concentration, as well as hand to eye coordination, and for children – this improvement in physical fitness translates into an improvement in the classroom in activities such as writing, drawing and painting. Using monkey bars also improves strength in the fingers, hands, arms and shoulders, which are areas of the body that are often underused. Adults can quickly lose upper body strength as part of the natural ageing process so what better way than to keep strong whilst having fun and challenging yourself at the same time!

A Better Challenge?

wooden monkey bars photo2Our monkey bars are designed to keep your little (and big!) monkeys occupied and entertained and our kinked wooden school monkey bars deserve a special mention because the change in direction and height means they provide a real challenge to master! They are robust enough to meet the needs of schools, parks and adventure playgrounds being designed and made from oak and stainless steel.

All of our monkey bars (and other apparatus) are made from locally sourced, long-lasting timber that is chemical-free and durable – our chunky designs are built to last and we are so proud of our build quality that we offer extensive guarantees for peace of mind and years of monkeying around – why not get in touch to place your order for outdoor monkey bar equipment you’re sure to love.

For more information on installation details, supply costs or if you have any further questions about our range, please get in touch via the contact us page.