playground model making

Building on years of experience in creating bespoke playground equipment, PlayEquip is the perfect partner for architectural and design projects. As we design and build all of our products in-house, we can interpret your vision and bring it to life, acting as both the designer and contractor for the project.

We can also customise our commercial products to suits the needs of your project and can consult on playground equipment health and safety matters. For our full list of architectural services, please see below.

Bespoke Playground Equipment Designers

We thrive on the opportunity to take on new projects no matter how weird and wonderful they are. We place design and forward thinking are at the heart of building bespoke playgrounds and so relish the opportunity to work with like minded people and give our expert assistance where we can. PlayEquip will assist you in ever step of the way to help bring your concept to life. All bespoke playground equipment will comply with European play safety standards EN1176.

We love to take architects playground concepts and bring them to life. Our unique creative skills mean that we can understand your ideas and how to make the most of them. We will not only bring your playground designs to life, but with our knowledge of play and what works, we will also maximise their potential. We can take your models, drawings and sketches, and draft shop drawings for costing and production. These designs can be prefabricated in our workshop and supplied to site for installation by ourselves or a main contractor.

We don’t just supply wooden playground equipment either. We are happy to use a wide range of materials such as pre-formed concrete and steel as we appreciate the qualities of each.

hand made playground equipmentSpecialist Playground Builders

We have the specialist knowledge of European safety standards EN 1176, so we can safely make adjustments to make the most of the space. We’re keen to come and meet you and discuss your ideas with no obligation. All of our catalogue products are also fully adaptable to suit your designs. We know that when it comes to playground design, one size doesn’t necessary fit all. We are happy to work as a specialist subcontractor, main contractor, part of a design and build team, or as playground equipment supplier. We are happy take on all aspects of playground construction from landscaping to metalwork. Take a look at some of our previous projects below.

Adaptable Playground Equipment

If you are looking for simple commercial wooden playground equipment, we offer total adaptability on our entire range. Each product can easily be tailored to your requirements. All of our playground equipment is crafted here in the UK meaning lead times for each item are much less than our competition

How We Assist Architects

  • Passion for design and an enthusiasm for development
  • Expert knowledge in play safety on and off site
  • Concept development
  • High level of finish
  • An understanding of a wide range of materials and an understanding of their durability
  • The ability to work within tight time frames and often sensitive environments
  • Adaptable off-the-shelf products
  • CAD drawings for precision installation and planning


treehouse technical drawing

Our designs and drawing package include the following: –

  • Engineered to the European standards with structural calculations
  • Compliant with European play safety standards (EN1176)
  • Implementation of as much play value as possible
  • Continue the initial concept first set out by the architect or landscape architect

3D model concept

All designs are initially done using 3D CAD. We find that this helps us and our clients visualise the design better. Its also helps to iron out any play safety issues that are not normally visible in 2D. Once we are happy with the 3D model, 2D drawings are then extrapolated from the model for fabrication and final submission.

We are keen to break new ground in our industry and love to work with new clients that have their own interpretation of what we do. We are interested in working with a multitude of materials such as steel, timber and concrete and not just restricted to one. We understand that the use of different materials allows more flexibility in design. In turn, this helps us to create totally unique structures and playgrounds that suit any environment.

3rd Party Collaboration

Various site specific details need to be developed along the way, the trees in this development were particularly high value. Meticulous attention is needed to be given to the root protection zone around the trees.

We worked closely with an arboricultural specialist to develop a foundation for the treehouse structure that would not effect the health of the tree and allow it to grow freely for the rest of its life span. A specialist foundation was developed and engineered which allowed the structure to sit on a free draining ‘tub foundation’. This foundation meant that no excavations were required that might effect the root system below. The tub foundation had a steel mesh base and was backfilled with crushed concrete. This allowed the structures weight to be spread evenly and allow free drainage of rainwater below.

Play Safety

Part of our development process is to work in parallel with an independent play safety inspector. Although we are well versed in the regulations of play safety, we always work with a 3rd party inspector during the development of a design through to the projects final sign off. This insures our clients that every detail has been considered and the final product is as safe a possible. Our process with this is as follows: –

  • Designs are developed in 3D. These designs are reviewed via desktop review by the inspectors. Most potential issues are amended at this stage.
  • Once the project has gone to site, a pre-completion inspection is carried out that may uncover any on-site issues not shown during the desktop review.
  • Any issues are then resolved by our team.
  • The inspector then returns to sign off the project and submits a risk assessment for our client


The majority of fabrications are usually made off-site in a workshop setting. This process ensures a high level of finish can be achieved that our clients have come to expect. The components are then brought to site in manageable modular components. Our sites are often within sensitive environments such as schools. We therefore understand that low impact construction is the best route to installation.

Bespoke playground construction

Our multidiscipline team of site managers, carpenters, fitters and landscapers then install the equipment. The team are highly specialised to install bespoke playground equipment. This specialist knowledge, particularly in play safety, means that the possibility of issues arising on site with play safety are often successfully dealt with before they cause issue.

bespoke play structure process

As we have worked of some of the largest sites here in the UK we are well prepared when it comes to construction site work. Our workforce includes SSSTS trained site managers and CSCS operatives. A risk assessment involves you identifying hazards in your workplace. You must then analyse these hazards to determine if they present a risk that could harm someone. If there is a risk, you must explore and implement ways of eliminating or mitigating the risk.

We often work amongst other contractors and are therefore keen to make efficiencies and reduce our programme on site to limit, interference to the construction as a whole.