Maintenance and Inspection

Playground Maintenance & Inspection

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PlayEquip not only delivers high quality playground and outdoor fitness equipment but also offers a comprehensive range of services to maintain your play space. Our expertise extends to playground equipment installation, inspections, maintenance, repairs, and refurbishments.

Whether you're scheduling routine annual playground inspections or require immediate repairs to ensure the safety of your playground, PlayEquip is your all-in-one solution for playground maintenance. With years of experience in playground maintenance, our highly skilled team is proficient in working with equipment from all manufacturers, including those that are no longer in business.

We believe that working in parallel with an independent playground inspection company, our clients receive the most unbiased and constructive reports on both new playgrounds and existing. This is why we work with The Play inspection Company on all designs and installations. Prioritising safety and demonstrating commitment and passion, they hold RPII qualifications and are registered members of the RPII Register of Inspectors. They adhere to European Standards (EN 1176) within the RPII Code of Conduct.

Our Service Centres are ready to provide you with prompt, competitive quotations for all repair and maintenance work.

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Playground Repairs

Playground Repairs

Instead of dismantling your current playground and beginning anew, consider repairing your existing site. Whether your playground is from any manufacturer and still has usable life, our proficient team can evaluate, estimate, and carry out repairs, offering a cost-effective and sustainable solution that saves you time and money. Our playground installers are eager to reinstall essential equipment if needed.

Spare Parts

Are you in search of a spare part for your playground but struggling to identify the manufacturer? Recognising the significance of promptly delivering the correct spare parts to our customers, our UK manufacturing and spare parts operation excels in this aspect. We cater to a comprehensive range of spare parts, including replacements for swing seats, slides for climbing frames, and various other components


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