PlayEquip supplies a wide range of outdoor gym equipment and fitness equipment to combine fun and exercise in one. Robust and perfect for gardens or public spaces; our outdoor fitness apparatus is not just for children but adults too which means you can create an outdoor fitness regime and indulge your inner child too! In fact, family time can take on a new meaning with our platform that promotes exercise and physical fitness for all ages.

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PlayEquip: Elevating Outdoor Fitness with Wooden Gym Equipment

At PlayEquip, we understand that hitting the gym can often feel like a tiresome chore. Our mission is to inject the excitement back into fitness routines. One of the primary reasons people abandon their fitness regimens is due to lack of motivation and boredom with repetitive workouts. Indoor exercising can also feel isolating, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our wooden fitness gyms from PlayEquip breathe new life into your fitness journey while connecting you with the great outdoors. It’s a fantastic way to diversify your exercise routine. Using our equipment is not only enjoyable but also invigorating. Additionally, being outside in the midst of Mother Nature has been proven to elevate your mood and boost vitamin D levels. Picture this: a workout at our gyms with the sun on your face – it’s bound to bring a smile to it!

Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Gardens – Wooden Outdoor Gym Equipment

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Rest assured, we take the fitness aspect seriously when curating our natural outdoor gym products.

National guidelines recommend 150 minutes of exercise per week, targeting all major muscle groups for a holistic workout. PlayEquip can turn this recommendation into reality by offering a versatile range of products. You can mix and match to create your own customised outdoor gym, from Obstacle Courses to Balance and Wobble Beams, Sit Up Benches, Multi-Purpose Fitness Frames, and even Trampolines. The possibilities are endless. Alternatively, explore our pre-made outdoor fitness packages for a quick start to your fitness journey.

Our equipment is built to withstand all seasons and can be enjoyed year-round. Crafted from premium solid oak and stainless steel, it’s designed for outdoor use, no matter the weather. Not only is our high-spec equipment satisfying to use, but it’s also an attractive addition to any outdoor environment, serving as a standout feature in a natural setting.

Low Maintenance for Your Outdoor Gym

Maintenance concerns? Not with PlayEquip. Our apparatus has no moving parts, requiring minimal attention once installed. This is especially advantageous in public areas, where our outdoor gyms can be left for all ages to enjoy, season after season.

Fun and Fitness, Unite for All Users

  • Built from oak to complement any outdoor setting.
  • Tough and durable, designed to endure all seasons, year after year.
  • Choose from pre-made outdoor fitness packages or create your own equipment combination.
  • Whether it’s outdoor gyms, fitness equipment, or exercise adventure playgrounds, we tailor setups to suit your needs.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment to Suit All Your Needs

Whatever exercise equipment you’re seeking, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can help customise your outdoor fitness space, making it a natural and enjoyable path to your fitness goals.

We also offer discounted prices for larger orders, so feel free to contact us for more information. All our equipment is proudly designed and built in the UK.

We are happy to offer discounted prices for larger orders so please contact us for more information.

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