Trim Trail EquipmentTrim Trails for Schools and Fitness

Our Trim Trails are simply the best. While the word trail refers to a marked path; the word trim means slim, and at PlayEquip our apparatus can indeed help to keep you trim as you follow the challenge of our marked paths which take the form of expertly crafted wooden pieces of outdoor equipment such as balance bars and wobble beams.

The beauty of this type of equipment is its versatility to fit into any playground setting whether it’s at a school, public park or adventure playground. No matter how large or small the outdoor area; trim trails can be designed and installed to fit into the tightest or most awkward of spaces. They are also ideal to provide a visual and physical “link up” to other pieces of PlayEquip outdoor play equipment.

trim trail for schools parks and gardens

Wooden Trim Trails for Schools and Parks

Remember the sheer joy of walking on walls as a child without knowing it was exercise? Whatever your age – it is difficult to resist the lure of following a trim trail so you will be pleased to know that they are designed for adult use too who can choose to use them for fun exercise or as part of a serious fitness trail. They are a challenging and enjoyable way to exercise the whole body and offer the following benefits:

Improving hand to eye co-ordination

Our catalogue includes a wide range of items including stepping stones, rope and balance beams that test hand to eye to feet co-ordination and of course concentration – especially on our wobble beams! Motor skills will be tested and then improved naturally through playful exercise.

Improving balance

Balance is an important skill to learn and our trim trails provide the challenge of testing balance and agility at the same time.

Improving children’s physical and mental development

Children not only burn energy through play but learn and develop too. Balance beams, ropes and stepping stones are great for younger children to develop the skills of co-ordination and balance as well as improving agility and developing social skills when playing with other children.

A trim trail for all ages

PlayEquip are proud to offer a diverse range for use by all ages. As well as stepping stones, monkey bars, ropes and balance beams, our catalogue includes tree stump trails, logs, playground bridges and stepping poles. We are also proud to up the ante on these popular playground classics by offering more challenging items such as swinging steps and up and under’s which almost give you a full gym workout! All make a fantastic addition to any playground and are great to combine with our monkey bars too!

A popular piece of UK outdoor play equipment for many years. Rugged pieces of outside apparatus that are built to last for many more. If you want to add a bit of excitement to your outdoor space then please get in touch. We offer a free bespoke design service to craft a trim trail or two for the area you have available – helping you make the most of your space and budget.

Can trim trails be used by adults and children?

Yes they can. The trim trails are engineered to suit any user. They can be used for or as part of a fitness trail