PlayEquip are specialists in designing and building quality bespoke playgrounds for children and adults of all ages and abilities. From readymade equipment to custom playground design you can now create a playground that provides seamless interactions for people of all abilities.

Accessible play

Accessible play is a right for all and PlayEquip have just the team to create the perfect play area or piece of equipment for your space. We are well recognised as the top provider of bespoke playground construction, design and consultation, to produce the weirdest and most wonderful playground designs – no matter how complex they might be. We have years of experience in building bespoke playgrounds for a variety of customers including Councils, Schools, Housing Developers and Individuals. We also possess expert knowledge in European safety standards and work to the highest possible standard.

Bespoke playground equipmentDesign and Build

All of our custom playground designs are fully adaptable to suit the space available and can be tailored made to suit all of your requirements. We will work with you to create your perfect bespoke playground, no matter how abstract your concept may be. At PlayEquip we believe a bespoke approach is often the best approach when it comes to achieving a playgrounds maximum potential. Creating accessible play equipment that engages all children is something we pride ourselves on. Sensory play where children of all abilities engage through touch, sound and vibration will bring sensory delight to all children. Careful placement of equipment to allow access for those with reduced mobility to explore alongside able-bodied, sharing play experiences is critical for all children to develop an understanding of our unique makeup and to learn cooperation and understanding of different abilities. Take a look below at some of our previous projects and get in touch for more information.

Custom Playground Designs

Custom playground designs don’t have to be expensive, in fact, we believe that to make the most of your budget a bespoke playground is often the most cost-effective approach. If you are a teacher, architect or parent, we will work with you to create the best custom playground design for the space and budget you have. It is not always possible to make every piece of equipment suitable for all abilities, but careful consideration to ramp access, adjusting height or ground level and providing areas where quieter and less busy play can take place, will certainly open up your play area to those with reduced physical abilities. Children of all abilities enjoy play and adapting space requirement and access or adaptation to some equipment will provide all users with the opportunity to play, socialise and have fun amongst peers, in a way that they do not feel ‘special’ or different, as they too can join in and have fun alongside their able-bodied friends with a few simple considerations.

Client Led design

All of our custom playground designs are fully adaptable to suit your space. This adaptability can be achieved because all of our playground equipment is handcrafted in our UK workshop and made to order. We will work closely with you to achieve the perfect bespoke playground and make you fall in love with a design that is tailor-made just for you. We have expertise in the manufacture of both wooden and steel playground equipment, so no matter how abstract your concept is, we can make it a reality.

Bespoke Playground Equipment

As our workshop is based here in the UK, the usual lead times for all our bespoke playground equipment is between 6-8 weeks. This is well below the average creation time of other conventional playground equipment suppliers and does not compromise on quality. As we are a design and client-led company, we work closely with our customers to bring their bespoke playground ideas to life.

Designs within the playground equipment industry seem to have become rather lazy in recent years, with many companies opting to use standard kit that has not evolved for many years. Our intention as a company is to modernise bespoke playground equipment and allow the weird and wonderful to be created and bring play in a unique way to all. We work closely with our customers and understand the modern needs of developers, schools, architect and landscape architects to meet the needs of diverse abilities. If fact, this is how most of our designs have come about.

bespoke playgroundsAccessible Play Spaces

Providing inclusive play space where disability is not a barrier or a focus enables children to share experiences, create friendships and be free to express themselves without barriers caused by their ability. We can build, design and advise on height, width and reach requirements to include wheelchair or limited body mobility adapted play facilities, signs and shelter, so that not only can children enjoy a multi-ability play experience but parents, grandparents and carers also have access to facilities to meet their needs to rest and support their children as they play.

When using our design and build solutions we understand the importance of making playground equipment and the surrounding areas accessible to children and adults of all abilities and physical limitations. We can advise and supply equipment to provide resting spots for those who need it when movement between equipment is challenging, or ramps to make some equipment more accessible. Improving access to slides, swings, climbers and roundabouts in a way that fits seamlessly into the design, is our speciality. We want all children to have a great time and enjoy outdoor play experiences no matter their ability or needs.

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Take a look at our previous custom playground designs for a little inspiration and please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We’d be happy to design and build a playground that appeal to all ages and abilities.