Robinia Hurdles

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Our Robinia hurdles are a versatile outdoor fitness equipment designed for various uses. They feature solid Robinia wood uprights and stainless steel bars, making them suitable for garden spaces, playground features, or as part of a fitness trail, ensuring accessibility for everyone.

These hurdles offer a comprehensive workout, engaging multiple muscle groups, and promoting dynamic stability and flexibility. They also emphasize timing and rhythm in the exercises.

With no moving parts, our outdoor pull-up bars are extremely durable and require minimal maintenance. Our Robinia hurdles are equipped with stainless steel Torx 50 security sleeve nuts, making them well-suited for use in public spaces.

It is advised in accordance to EN1176 that Instructional Plates are a requirement for outdoor gym equipment in a public space.

Key Features

  • Superior smooth finish with smooth corners and edges.
  • Stainless steel fixings.
  • Solid chemical free robinia
  • 120kg Total Weight
  • Premium finish
  • Made in the UK
  • Great as part of a set of outdoor fitness equipment


  • Timber – 15 years
  • Fixings – 20 years
Download Files

  • Recommended Age Range: 5+
  • Product Dimensions: 1.45(L) x 0.80(W) x 0.90(H)
  • Critical Fall Height: 0.90m
  • Product Materials: Robinia, Stainless Steel
  • Safety Surfacing: 16.82m²
  • Product Code: FE.19.1

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