Triple Robinia Pull Up Bars

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Introducing our premium triple bar robinia outdoor pull-up bars, designed for maximum versatility in accommodating users of various heights and exercise preferences. These pull-up bars feature stainless steel bars set at three different heights – 2.3m, 1.8m, and 1.3m, ensuring accessibility for users of varying statures.

Crafted from soild robinia, & combined with stainless steel tubes and fixings, our pull-up bars are built to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting use.

Ideal for use in outdoor gyms, trim trails, or as a standalone fitness station in your garden, these bars offer a wide range of exercise options.

Elevate your outdoor fitness experience with our premium triple bar robinia pull-up bars, designed to promote physical activity and well-being in a durable and adaptable package.

It is advised in accordance to EN1176 that Instructional Plates are a requirement for outdoor gym equipment in a public space.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel fixings and tube
  • Robinia timber
  • T-star stainless steel security nuts
  • Premium finish
  • 170kg Total Weight


  • Timber – 15 years
  • Fixings – 20 years

Pull-ups are a highly effective and efficient form of exercise that can help individuals build strength, increase muscle mass, and improve their overall fitness level. This exercise is a compound movement that targets multiple muscle groups, making it an excellent addition to any workout routine.


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  • Recommended Age Range: 5+
  • Product Dimensions: 3.6(L) x 0.15(W) x 2.5(W)
  • Critical Fall Height: 2.5m
  • Product Materials: Robinia, Stainless Steel
  • Safety Surfacing: 35.15m²
  • Product Code: FE.02.4

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