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This tall outdoor water play table by Wellenspieler is the only outdoor water play with a closed water circuit. It requires no direct water connection and is 100% movable on wheels. It is suitable for water play for kids starting from the age of 3 upwards

It is verified as suitable for use in public areas, nurseries, schools or at home.

This full version has an extended water circuit with the addition of a wooden gutter and ground basin. Both these features can be stacked up and transported within the water play table.

Once filled with water, kids can play all day long. Water can be pumped and circulated from the basin to the wave pipe via the specially developed hand pump. From there, the water runs over the waterwheel and back to the basin. Just 4 gallons of water (or two watering cans) are enough to start the fun.

Key Features

  • Closed water circuit: Water is being pumped from the ground basin to the top via the hand pump. Therefore no direct water connection is needed. Two watering cans filled in are enough to start playing.
  • Robust hand pump: Specially developed wheel bellow pump. Very reliable and nearly indestructible. Made from stainless steel including grasp and finger pinch protection.
  • Wave pipe: With fountain function! Made of acrylic glass.
  • Waterwheel: Made from long lasting Accoya® wood and high-grade steel. As well as transparent acrylic core and stainless pedestal bearings.
  • Wheels: Enables the water play to be placed everywhere.
  • Ground anchor: Can fixate the water play in the ground. One pillar can be fixated via a notch.
  • Reservoir basin: Basin #1, waterproof, with a volume of roughly four gallons
  • Play basin: Basin #2, waterproof, with a volume of roughly four gallons
  • Ground basin: Basin #3, waterproof and stable enough for kids between three and 99 years of age
  • Wooden gutter: The watercourse is ideal for toy sliding. Length: 100 cm
  • Lock slider: Made from transparent acrylic glass
  • Mini valve: With finger pinch protection
  • Play tube short: Length about 10 cm
  • Play tube long: Length about 20 cm
  • Plug: Two plugs with chains
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 274 × 66 × 114 cm.Weight: 44 kg


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Weight44 kg
Dimensions274 × 66 × 114 cm

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