Playground Boulders

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Introducing our slip-resistant playground boulders. These specially designed features not only prioritise safety but also actively ignite adventure and foster sensory exploration, captivating every child.

Our boulders invite tactile exploration through touching, climbing, and active play. Furthermore, they come in various shapes and sizes, encouraging creative play and delivering a sensory-rich experience for young explorers.

Encourage your child to actively interact with these boulders, nurturing a profound connection with the natural world. This engaging outdoor activity not only promotes the development of physical skills but also sparks imagination. It immerses young minds in the sensory wonders of an eco-friendly natural environment.

Our playground boulders come in all shapes and sizes from small stepping stones to giant climbable boulders. Please get in touch and see what we can do.


  • Recommended Age Range: 3+
  • Product Dimensions: Variable
  • Critical Fall Height: Variable
  • Product Materials: Natural Stone
  • Safety Surfacing: Variable
  • Product Code: PF.14

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