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Playground stumps can be used in many ways. The can be cut short and used as simple seats for inside dens, or they can be used to link items of playground equipment together.

Our playground stumps are sold in units of 5. These stump are de-barked and sanded smooth with all sharp edges removed. The average size of our stumps is around 270mm diameter and 600mm long (although this may vary slightly). We advise that 300mm is used to bury leaving 300mm out of the ground.

We also supply stepping stumps that are much larger if required. Anything up to a diameter of 1200mm. Sweet chestnut is a natural hardwood and has fantastic durably and extremely rot resistant.  It’s also a very sustainable local timber grown here in the UK.

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*Robinia stumps supplied unpainted

Weight 180 kg
Dimensions 80 × 40 × 80 cm

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