Chatham Historical Dockyard

Chatham Historical Dockyard Playground

Chatham Historical Dockyard wanted a bespoke playground that would encapsulate the spirit of the world famous and historically significant site. Landscape architects MOH produced this fantastic design that creates excitement and fond lasting memories for all who visit.
We worked from a layout and conceptual design to create shop drawings that were engineered and constructed off site in our workshop. The bespoke playground equipment was then taken to the site in a modular state for installation. By constructing in this way, we achieved a high finish and reduced time on site. We can supply main contractors with bespoke playground items for installation by themselves, or by the PlayEquip installation team. We are specialists in taking your conceptual drawings and turning them into engineered, safe, fun and functional bespoke playground equipment that is EN 1176 compliant.

The design incorporated aspects of the dockyard including :-

  • Mast and steel core rigging
  • A bespoke climbing frame that mirrors the design surrounding buildings
  • Water play features that run the length of the playground
  • Ship telephones
  • Rope cocoon seat
  • Giant group swing
  • Steel portholes
  • Thick balance rope

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