Peckham Park Primary School Outdoor Canopy

Bespoke School Canopy and Outdoor Classrooms

Peckham Park Primary School wanted to install a bespoke outdoor canopy for their reception and nursery. They wanted something in keeping with the existing Victorian building that was both robust and aesthetically pleasing, and would increase the childrens usable learning space. 

Erect Architecture designed this beautiful bespoke wooden canopy which mirrored the eaves of the Victorian building and create a unique outdoor classroom. The main structure was built from large diameter chemical free larch timbers, 16mm tri-wall poly-carbonate with powder coated aluminium flashing and gutters. The poly-carbonate sheeting contains a UV block, yet allows the light to penetrate through to create a light air space for the children to work and play. Larch is naturally resilient to rot and decay, and doesn’t require chemical treatment. We believe that this FSC® timber is better for the environment and a better timber for use around children.

The bespoke canopy was designed to fit seamlessly into the new reception and nursery playground. The end product is something that is sturdy, light and clean. It has created an attractive and inviting space in what was previously a dull and dreary sea of tarmac and increased the classroom footprint by 50%.

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