Lauriston Primary School Play Structure

bad play area
Play area prior to our arrival

The PTA of Lauriston Primary School, Hackney got in touch as they were interested in developing a unused space at the back of their school. They had looked into installing standardised playground equipment but felt that nothing on the market would make the most of the space. Our design team organised a consultation with the PTA and key decision makers of the school and quickly came up with a concept that ticked all the boxes with aesthetic and play value.

School playground designThe design incorporated all of the requested features including a slide, seating, den space and climbing features. The structure was build into the existing tree making use of the natural feel the space already had. The contemporary style and ambiguous form harnesses the the children’s imagination and promotes more imaginative play. Some that PlayEquip pride ourselves with.

The final result and a clean and exciting design that was in line with the schools ethos. The improvement to the space is obvious and it soon became a very attractive new feature for current and prospective students. It’s clear that with careful and considerate design even smaller budget can make a huge impression. This is especially the case in schools that have limited budget and space. Areas like these are where PlayEquip excels. If you have a similar space and are struggling for ideas, get in touch and we will see what we can do.

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