Elephant & Castle Treehouse

Modern and conceptual design works as a catalyst for the imagination. Interesting structures can constantly change form from day to day. From a castle to a elephants head, its ambiguous shape is open to interpretation. Challenging the imagination is one of PlayEquip’s main motivations. Pushing both the physical and mental when in use.

The challenge with this treehouse structure was to build a large structure with high play value around an existing London plain tree. Our challenge was to engineer a structure to sit on ground level without the need for excavated foundations in the sensitive root protection zone. A steel ‘tub’ foundation was engineered in collaboration with on site arboricultural specialists Treeworks Environmental Practice.  The materials used such as the steel sub-structure and composite decking ensure that the structure will last many years to come. The larch cladding and stainless steel play components bring an extremely high finish that is expected with developments of this nature.

PlayEquip believe that structures such as this must look good, but must always pack in and many playable features as possible. These included a curved ramp accessible by wheelchairs, stainless steel tube slide, tree house seating, cargo net access, fire pole and storage for the adjacent nursery.

Client – Lend Lease Developments

Landscape Architect – Gillespies London

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 210 × 20 × 210 cm

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