Queens Gardens Playground, Croydon

In the heart of Central Croydon, nestled within the historic Victorian garden, PlayEquip embarked on a transformative project in collaboration with a distinguished landscape architect Grant Associates. Tasked with reinvigorating the outdoor space while honouring its rich heritage, our team of specialist playground designers embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and creativity.

The Process

Central to our approach was the development of a large bespoke wooden structure, meticulously crafted to emulate the delicate elegance of a crocus flower which is where the name ‘Croydon’ originated from. Inspired by the garden’s natural beauty and Victorian charm, this centrepiece served as the focal point of the playground, inviting children to embark on a whimsical journey of exploration and play.

From the initial concept phase to the final installation, our collaboration with the landscape architect was characterised by close communication and shared vision. Together, we meticulously designed and constructed a range of playground equipment that harmonised with the aesthetic of the crocus-inspired structure, ensuring a cohesive and immersive play experience.

The Playground Equipment

Among the complementary elements crafted to mirror the aesthetic of the central structure were monkey bars, pull-up bars, balance beams, slides, bridges, and swings. Each piece was thoughtfully designed to blend seamlessly with the garden’s surroundings, incorporating natural materials and organic shapes to enhance the overall ambiance.

The monkey bars and pull-up bars, with their sturdy wooden frames and rustic finish, provided opportunities for children to develop strength and coordination while embracing the outdoor environment. The balance beams and timber cubes carefully positioned around the perimeter of the lower playground, encouraged imaginative play and spatial awareness, fostering physical and cognitive development. These items also formed part of an arena of seating.

A custom-made wide slide offered exhilarating thrills as younger children descend. A charming wooden bridge spanned a gentle slopes, inviting exploration and discovery, while a cantilever swing, suspended from a sturdy oak beam, provided moments of joy and laughter for older children.

The Final Product

Throughout the project, our team remained committed to preserving the garden’s historical integrity while introducing elements of modern play and innovation. By seamlessly integrating bespoke playground equipment with the garden’s timeless landscape, we created a space that honoured the past while inspiring future generations.

Today, the Victorian garden in Central Croydon stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between PlayEquip and the Grant Associates. Together, we transformed a historic space into a vibrant playground oasis, where children can immerse themselves in nature, creativity, and endless adventure.

To learn more about our collaborative projects and innovative playground designs, visit us at PlayEquip.com and follow us on Instagram @playequip.

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