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Playgrounds have always been an essential part of any community, providing a space for children to play, learn, and socialise. However, the traditional approach to creating playgrounds often involves buying pre-designed equipment and installing it in a designated area. While this method has its merits, there’s a more efficient and cost-effective way to make the most of your space and budget: design and build playgrounds tailored to your unique needs. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of design and build bespoke playgrounds and why they’re the superior choice for maximising your resources.

Customisation for Your Unique Needs

One of the most significant advantages of design and build playgrounds is the level of customisation they offer. When you choose this approach, you’re not limited to pre-fabricated play structures that may not suit your space or cater to your community’s specific needs. Instead, you have the opportunity to work with experienced designers, architects,  landscape architects and builders to create a playground that is tailored to your unique requirements.

Customisation extends beyond aesthetics. You can consider factors like the age group of the children who will use the playground, the available space, and any special considerations, such as ADA compliance. This level of customisation ensures that your playground will be more engaging, functional, and safe for the children who use it.

Our on-site build approach even allows us to factor in the access to there respective locations. It’s quite often that our installations are down narrow alley, in accessible back garden or even roofs. Our ability to to take to these situations on board during the design process really helps to a achieve a well thought out end product.

Maximising Available Space

Bespoke wooden play structure

Design and build playgrounds are an excellent choice when space is at a premium. Such as in metropolitan place where land is particularly high value.  Traditional playground equipment often comes in standard sizes and configurations, which may not fit neatly into your available area. In contrast, a custom-designed playground can make the most of the available space, utilising every nook and cranny efficiently.

Designers can create playgrounds that are innovative and space-saving, incorporating various elements like multi-level structures, climbing walls, and even integrated seating areas. This allows you to provide a more comprehensive play experience while maximising the utility of your space.

These design don’t alway have to be totally unique. Our ‘off-the-shelf’ range of playground equipment is made to order. This allows adaption for tried and tested designs to make them ‘semi-bespoke. The simple task of rotating part of a structure can mean the difference in whether an piece of equipment is compliant or not. This is such an easy thing to do and few suppliers offer this service. The overall effect is a far more organic looking playground. Fitting the equipment to the space rather than the other way around.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Safety is paramount when it comes to playgrounds, and designing and building a playground from scratch allows you to ensure that all safety standards and regulations are met. You have control over the materials used, the layout, and the accessibility features, making it easier to create a safe and inclusive environment for children of all abilities.

Furthermore, a customised playground can be designed with proper spacing between equipment to prevent overcrowding and reduce the risk of accidents. You can also address specific safety concerns unique to your location, such as uneven terrain or nearby hazards, during the design and build process.

We would also recommend working in parallel with an independent play safety inspection to assure total compliance has been reached through the design and build process. It’s important to get the perspective of a trained professional. This is not just reassurance for your client, it’s insurance for the designer too.

bespoke suspended playground

Long-Term Cost Savings

While the initial cost of designing and building a playground may seem higher than purchasing pre-made equipment, it often leads to long-term cost savings. Custom playgrounds are built to last, using high-quality materials and construction techniques that can withstand years of use and exposure to the elements. This means you’ll spend less on maintenance, repairs, and replacements in the long run. As most of our designs utilise tried and test components such as steel core rope, play specific safety fixings and structural materials, if components do suffer from excessive wear, they can easily to swapped out for new components extremely quickly.

Additionally, a well-designed playground can attract more visitors to your community or organisation, potentially increasing revenue or support. It can become a valuable asset that continues to provide benefits for years to come.

Community Involvement and Ownership

Designing and building a playground is a collaborative process that encourages community involvement and ownership. When members of the community have a say in the design and development of the playground, they feel a stronger sense of connection to the space. This can be achieved by organising group consultations with the local resident. This sense of ownership often leads to better care and maintenance of the playground over time.

Community input can also help identify specific needs and preferences that may not be apparent to a commercial playground equipment supplier. By involving the community in the decision-making process, you can create a playground that truly reflects the values and desires of your community.

bespoke playground by playequip

Promoting Inclusivity and Accessibility

Inclusivity is an essential aspect of modern playground design. Design and build playgrounds offer the flexibility to create spaces that are accessible to children of all abilities. You can incorporate features like ramps, accessible playground swings, and sensory elements to ensure that children with disabilities can fully participate in play activities.

Moreover, bespoke playgrounds can be designed with a focus on sensory play, catering to children who benefit from sensory experiences. This inclusivity not only benefits children with disabilities but also promotes social interaction and understanding among all children.

Bespoke Architectural Playgrounds

Environmental Considerations

In today’s world, sustainability is a key concern. When you design and build a playground, you have the opportunity to make environmentally conscious choices. You can select eco-friendly materials, implement water-saving features, and even incorporate natural elements like trees and plants into the design.

Additionally, a well-designed playground can encourage outdoor play and physical activity, which contributes to the health and well-being of children and reduces the environmental impact of sedentary lifestyles.

Free design also allows additional consideration of the environment they sit within. A natural green location would perhaps require more of natural sympathetic design. An urban location might suit a more vivid colour scheme. All worthy considerations to make.

Creating a Unique and Memorable Space

natural playground equipment

A custom-designed playground is not just a place for children to play; it’s a space that can become a unique and memorable part of your community. The playground can serve as a focal point for gatherings, events, and community celebrations. Its distinctive design can become a source of pride for residents and a destination for visitors. In fact, play spaces are starting to have much more multi use purpose. We are often asked to introduce skate or outdoor gym equipment into the schemes. Only a design and build approach would allow this to be done sympathetically.

By investing in a playground that reflects the character and values of your community, you create a space that fosters a sense of identity and belonging among its users.


Design and build playgrounds offer a multitude of advantages over traditional playground equipment options. They provide the opportunity for customisation, maximize available space, ensure safety and compliance, lead to long-term cost savings, promote community involvement and ownership, prioritise inclusivity and accessibility, consider environmental sustainability, and create a unique and memorable space.

While the initial investment may be higher, the benefits of a well-designed and carefully constructed playground are well worth it. Whether you’re a community organisation, school, or local government, opting for a design and build approach can help you make the most of your space and budget while providing children with a safe, engaging, and inclusive play environment that they’ll cherish for years to come. So, if you want to create a playground that truly stands out and meets the needs of your community, consider the design and build option as your path to success.