Alexandra Road Park Playground, Metal Climbing Frame, London

Bespoke Metal Climbing Frames

Alexandra Road is a world famous estate renowned for its ground breaking architecture. This meant that the new redevelopment of the playground needed to be on par with the surrounding area.

Erect Architecture, famous for their ground breaking playgrounds, designed the climbing frame for the PlayEquip team to bring together. The final result was more spectacular than we could have ever imagined. The obscure angles and bright colours bring excitement to the play space, creating a vibrant place for the children to play.

The bespoke play structure features many integrated items including balance ropes, climbing ramps, slide, swings, monkey bars, lounging nets, climbing nets and ropes. This climbing frame is now available as a product, so please get in touch for a cost.

Sometimes metal is the preferred material of choice for playgrounds, especially when trying to create such an unusual shape. Alexandra Road climbing frame is a great example of the wide variety materials that PlayEquip can use to create some of the best and most unusual playgrounds in the world.


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