Miss Daisy’s Nursery – Bespoke Playground Structure.

Our recent project, situated in Central London, was a collaborative venture with House of Kin designers to develop an imaginative bespoke play structure for a nursery school. Crafted from natural timber, the structure boasts a delightful pink paint finish, adding a playful touch to the environment.


At the heart of the design is a tent-shaped structure, constructed from robinia timber poles, creating an enchanting atmosphere for young minds to explore. The two-story oak and larch interior features a stainless steel wide slide, scramble nets, and a cosy den space, offering children a variety of engaging activities.


This project seamlessly combines creativity and practicality, providing a unique play experience that integrates seamlessly with the nursery school setting. The whimsical design, paired with durable materials and thoughtful features, ensures the longevity of the bespoke play structure, catering to the needs of generations to come.


Collaborating with House of Kin designers enabled us to realise this imaginative vision, delivering a captivating play space that fosters creativity and active play. We are proud to have contributed to this project, creating a vibrant and joyful environment for the children of the nursery school in Central London.

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