Old Ford Primary School Bespoke Playground

Bespoke Climbing Frame, London

The project was designed through a client led process for Old Ford Primary School in Bow, London. It was designed for children in years 3-4 and was built in 3 weeks over the Easter Holidays. The design consists of a large bespoke wooden climbing structure with multiple platforms, a ramp, tunnels, den, balance beams, stepping logs, climbing nets, monkey bars, slide, climbing ropes, a fireman’s pole and lookout point. The safety surface is coloured wet-pour with mounds added to increase the play utility.

The climbing frame is built out of a green oak structural frame, larch substructure, decking, balustrades and stainless steel fixings. The final product looks amazing and the students, parents and teachers love it. We believe bespoke playground equipment often makes the most of space and well maximise its potential.

If you would like a bespoke playground designed specifically for you then please get in touch. We offer a free consultation to help discover your exact needs and design playground equipment that that inspires for years to come.

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