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With the country in lockdown for the foreseeable future the question for many is how to get your daily exercise without breaking social distancing restrictions. The most obvious solution is to utilise whatever garden space you have but if you have a small outdoor space how can you best ensure a full exercise workout whilst having fun at the same time?

Using the space you have

Rather than simply jogging around the back garden every day which, let’s face it is going get very boring very quickly, why not look at installing some good quality outdoor wooden exercise equipment.

A smaller garden will need natural exercise equipment that is compact but still highly effective and useful and which can be used by more than one person at a time.

Introduce a bit of competition

A double outdoor sit-up bench, with the two benches sitting opposite each other, introduces an element of competition for extra interest plus the angles can be adjusted for different degrees of difficulty. Triple outdoor pull-up bars incorporating different heights offer the same opportunity for family competition, or you could opt for a single pull-up bar where space is at a premium. An outdoor squat and pull-up station is a compact piece of equipment excellent for building and maintaining muscle strength and suppleness in upper and lower body. Suggested exercises for this could include pull-ups, chin-ups, leg and knee raises and if you add a barbell with weights you could add weight-assisted squats and presses to your repertoire.

Step-up steps are very good for building stamina and improving cardio-vascular health, and fun when accompanied by music!

Upper body exercise

For upper body strength natural wooden monkey bars are the ultimate test and because these, like all our equipment are constructed from steel and timber, are strong and robust enough to withstand any amount of use by adults and children alike. Plus, because this particular piece is quite a substantial construction, should you neglect your garden exercise regime once the lockdown becomes a distant memory, the monkey bars could conceivably become an attractive pergola for climbing plants!

Jump around

  • Playground trampoline

A mini playground trampoline, designed to sit flush at ground level, to improve balance and general fitness, has to be the most fun option for all ages.

Exercising outdoors is an excellent way to get fit whilst having fun and boosting your levels of calcium-building vitamin D. Choose a good mix of natural outdoor gym equipment to suit all the family and who knows – this could kick-start a health habit all the family can sustain for years to come.

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