Outdoor Fitness Equipment


Outdoor Gym Equipment for Gardens


Browse our range of outdoor fitness and gym equipment for gardens. We have created a variety of outdoor fitness and gym equipment that uses body weight exercise to improve physical performance. 

The air is fresh and motives you to work harder. It saves time and money, and studies are find that it can make you feel better in comparison to paying excessive amounts for gym membership. This is why we have designed a range of wooden outdoor fitness equipment that uses body weight to exercise. Using indoor gym machines can often deprive you of core strength training and studies show body weight training is the most effective way to maximize overall health and wellbeing.

Premium Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Our range of premium outdoor fitness equipment is designed to be robust and low maintenance, whilst providing a great platform to promote exercise outdoors. Our outdoor fitness equipment range aims to provide exercises for each of the major muscles groups. They are ideal for parks, schools and gardens, and can be simply installed by our installation team. All our outdoor fitness equipment is highly durable and have no moving parts. 

We happy to offer discounted prices for larger orders so please get in touch for more information  email-us.png phone-us.png

All outdoor fitness equipment is designed and built in the UK