Bespoke Climbing Frames

Bespoke Climbing Frames and Custom Play Structures

Our speciality is the design and construction of bespoke climbing frames and custom play structures. We know that every playgrounds needs and requirements are different, so why settle for something off the shelf? Each space is unique and the requirements are always different, so why not have a bespoke climbing frame or play structure designed especially for you.

Your space is unique and so are your requirements, so it’s important to create a design that takes consideration of both of these.

The playground or garden is a space that allows children to express themselves creatively, practice their dexterity and improve the physical and emotional strength. Considering this, developing a well designed bespoke climbing frame or play structure is very important and shouldn’t be underestimated. Bespoke designs allow you to optimise your budget to create climbing frames that make the most of your needs. When space is such a premium, bespoke design will creatively make the most of any awkward space with limitless flexibility. Bespoke designs make even the most awkward of spaces and unlock their full potential.

Our bespoke climbing frames are designed to reflect the surrounding architecture of your school or home taking into consideration the natural surroundings as well. We believe that different materials suit different projects and we are masters with them all. Metal, machined timber, natural timber and landscaping or a combination of them all can be used to create durable and well loved climbing frames.

Bespoke play structure and climbing frames specialists

All of our bespoke climbing frames are designed by play safety experts in accordance to the European safety standards EN1176, giving you reassurance that our designs are safe as well as fun. Our years of experience in designing custom climbing frames helps us to understand what works best and how to safely maximise fun.

Custom play structures make a statement and are a great investment for the future. We pack as much play value into our climbing frames as possible. Choose from a range of incorporated play features that suit the needs of you and the children. These include den spaces, fireman poles, slides, monkey bar, nets, tunnels, balance beams, sand and water play elements, climbing walls and ramps, zip-lines, climbing, balance ropes and swings.

Our UK based workshop prefabricate high finish components built by our specialist playground builders or local contractors appointed by you.

Prices for our bespoke climbing frames range from £1,500 – £60,000. Take a look at some of our previous projects for some inspiration and please don’t hesitate to get in touch below.

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