Nursery School Playground

Bespoke Nursery School Playground

The school staff wanted to install a bespoke timber playground for their nursery and reception, that would introduce a natural green feel into the their playground. Careful thought was put into the bespoke design that would tackle all areas of need and keep in harmony with the schools Victorian architecture. Turning what was a stark play environment, into an inviting oasis for children. 

The bespoke design consisted of a play tower with climbing ramp, slide and nets; sand pit and natural den; balancing logs and stepping stumps; a decked stage with musical instruments; mirrors and blackboards; planters and a planting bed; role play village; water troughs; play shop; cupboards and storage; tables and natural oak seats; and a bridge. It was built from a combination of larch, sawn oak and natural oak. This combined with coloured wet pour, tiger mulch and extensive planting helped to soften the area.

The timber playground equipment was integrated into the larch fence line and new canopy to create a coherent scheme for the entire nursery/reception outdoor space. Larch has a wonderful warm colour to it and is a natural antiseptic. This makes it a great natural and eco-friendly material, perfect for nursery school playgrounds.

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