Old Ford Primary School Bespoke Playground

Within this post we will looks at the advantages of using timber as the main component for playground equipment

wooden playground equipment for parks

Isn’t wooden playground equipment more susceptible to vandalism through arson?

The natural feel creates and natural and calming environment and so creates less of a target for vandalism. Wooden playground equipment is harder to mark with paint or pen as the timber absorbs the colour. Any visible paint can easily be sanded away.

Through our experience in building and designing playground equipment over the years we understand where areas of playground equipment are vulnerable to vandalism. In these areas such as underneath platforms and hidden away nooks and crannies we have engineered the surrounding wooden components to be oversized and less susceptible materials to ignition or even to make them inaccessible.

wooden climbing frame

Isn’t wooden playground equipment less durable than metal playground equipment?

We have engineered the wooden components on our playground equipment to equal or exceed the durability of steel painted steel playground equipment. This is done by using naturally durable timbers such as oak and robinia in sizes and thickness that will stand the test of time. To further extend the durability, wooden components of playground equipment that are in contact with the ground can be installed onto stainless steel shoes for an optional additional cost. This further reduces the risk of decay. This also means that timber members can be swapped and replaced easily potentially extending the use to a lifetime. Although we would recommend all of our wooden posts to be installed using these stainless steel shoe when used commercially, we give a 15 guarantee for all oak and robinia posts installed directly into the ground. The 15 year guarantee is a great bench mark. Often customers look to replace equipment after 15 years if possible

Many playground equipment suppliers only offer a very short guarantee of around 3 years for painted metal components as the paint often become chipped and faded through just from the average wear and tear of general use. Although wooden playground equipment greys over time this is often viewed as an advantage as the playground equipment sits in harmony with its natural surrounding and has a much nicer appearance than faded and chipped paintwork.

natural wooden playground features

Isn’t chopping down trees unsustainable for the environment?

The environment is very important to us. The sustainability of our resources is key and necessary for the future of our end clients. All of timber used for our wooden playground equipment is sourced from certified FSC suppliers. Our timber is acquired from forests as close to our workshop as possible. This in turn reduces our companies CO2 footprint by reducing transportation. Metal playground equipment is not so environmentally friendly to produce as it requires far more energy to manufacture.

In addition to this, we supplement our reduced CO2 footprint by planting as many tree as possible on each playground project we design and build. We believe greener play spaces are happy, more relaxing and healthier spaces for our children to play.

We have chosen to use timbers that are naturally resilient to insect attack and decay. Through are years of experience in working with different materials, we have refined what we use through experience. We believe that the correct use of certain species of timber, means that chemical treatment is not required needed. As we all know organic products are better for both the environment and the user. This is a theory already agreed by our Scandinavian counter parts and in fact a legal requirement.

Tactile timber

The tactile nature of wooden playground equipment brings more of a sense of the natural world to children. This is a very important aspect of any playground. The less clinical and industrial feel is more inviting especially to younger children who often explore their environment with there hands. Even on cold days wooden playground equipment is warmer to the touch than metal playground equipment. This also works the opposite way on very hot days. Timber doesn’t conduct heat in the same way metal does and has huge benefits for this reason alone.

Wooden playground equipment is also a softer material to bump into and far more forgiving than steel. Bumps and bruises are inevitable in play and so anyway of reducing the potential is an obvious win.

commercial wooden playground equipment