semi bespoke playground equipment

We understand that the challenge of designing a playground can be quite daunting. Fear of litigation and lack of experience can be a huge challenge to face. At PlayEquip, we believe that by providing our clients with specialised design assistance we enhance their creativity and confidence in developing exceptional play spaces. Our unique approach to designing, fabricating, and installing playground equipment offers clients the opportunity to explore the full potential of their ideas, resulting in a final product that seamlessly integrates with its environment. This new approach to play design is producing iconic and well loved playgrounds and shaking up the play industry as a whole.

bespoke playground bridgeBelow are our top 10 tips for a landscape architect looking to design a new playground

  1. Understand Your Client’s Needs: Collaborate closely with your client to understand their vision, budget, and site constraints. Tailoring the design to their specific requirements is key to creating a successful playground.
  2. Prioritise Safety Regulations: Familiarise yourself with play safety regulations (such as EN 1176) to ensure compliance throughout the design process. Safety should always be a top priority.
  3. Utilise 3D Design Software: Harness the power of 3D design software to visualise ideas and ensure accuracy in play equipment design. This technology enhances collaboration and helps clients better understand the final product. It also help play inspectors to review design before they are built and installed.
  4. Customise Playground Equipment: Embrace flexibility by opting for customisable playground equipment. This allows you to adapt designs to fit unique spaces and create a cohesive, organic feel within the playground.
  5. Blend Bespoke and Off-the-Shelf Solutions: Strike a balance between bespoke and off-the-shelf playground equipment to achieve uniqueness without compromising affordability. This hybrid approach offers the best of both worlds.
  6. Queens Gardens Playground CroydonExplore Product Catalogues and CAD Blocks: Take advantage of product catalogues and downloadable CAD blocks to streamline the design process. These resources provide valuable insights into scale, location, and budget considerations.
  7. Optimise Adaptability: Choose playground equipment that can be easily adapted to suit changing needs or site conditions. This ensures longevity and flexibility in design.
  8. Seek Specialised Design Services: Consider partnering with specialised design firms for larger projects. Their expertise in play design and engineering can elevate the quality of your playground design and streamline the tendering process.
  9. Ensure Safety Assurance: Collaborate with independent play safety inspectors to conduct rigorous safety assessments at every stage of the project. This ensures that the playground meets all necessary safety standards and mitigates risks.
  10. Embrace Collaboration and Innovation: Foster a client-centric approach that encourages collaboration and innovation. By embracing fresh perspectives and pushing design boundaries, you can create playgrounds that cater to the evolving needs of urban environments.

Understanding Your Needs

As a design-centric business, we recognise the challenges in creating outstanding play spaces. Years of collaboration with landscape architects have given us invaluable insights into industry frustrations. From initial conception to practical completion, we’re committed to guiding you through every step of the project from first concept to practical completion.

How We Work

Initial Consultation

playground design reviewOur process typically begins with an introductory call or online meeting, usually around RIBA stage 3. During this discussion, we delve into your design concepts, considering factors such as materiality, space, budget, and site context. Drawing upon our expertise, we provide insights on:

• Play safety regulations. (EN 1176)
• Structural engineering aspects
• Fundamental principles of play design
Through this initial meeting we create a blueprint for the site. We then fine tune the general arrangements to factor in details such as required fall zones. The design of equipment is then adapted to the space giving the organic feel we are well know for.

3D Playground Equipment Design

3D Model St PaulsWe prioritise the utilisation of 3D design software for creating play spaces and playground equipment. This method offers numerous benefits, including enhanced visualisation of ideas for both us and our clients. Moreover, it significantly aids in ensuring play safety and engineering accuracy. Before fabrication commences, our 3D models undergo thorough online inspection by an independent play inspector. This serves as assurance to all stakeholders that the designs adhere to stringent play safety standards. Additionally, upon request, we provide access to 3D models of our equipment for further exploration and evaluation.

Bespoke and Semi-Bespoke Playground Solutions

While we excel in designing entirely bespoke structures, many projects benefit from a blend of bespoke, semi-bespoke, and off-the-shelf playground equipment. This hybrid approach combines tailored solutions with cost-effective elements, ensuring both uniqueness and affordability.

Product Catalogue and CAD Blocks

Playground equipment CAD blocksOur extensive product catalogue serves as an excellent starting point for your design journey. Each product features a free downloadable CAD block on our website, facilitating quick scale and location assessments within your CAD general arrangement. Moreover, transparent supply prices ensure budget alignment from the outset.

Customisation and Adaptability

Flexibility is at the core of our playground equipment offerings. All items are made to order, allowing for seamless adaptations to suit your project requirements. Whether it’s rotating a leg, adding ropes, or integrating multiple pieces, our equipment can be tailored to achieve an organic and cohesive final design.

Specialised Play Design Services

In addition to product offerings, we provide specialised design services for larger projects. As part of your team or as a subcontractor, we contribute expertise in play design and engineering, delivering stage 4 drawings for tendering purposes as needed. We are always at the end of a phone too if you have questions regarding what can and can’t be done. We are passionate about what we do and the value that a well designed playground brings so we are more than happy to assist.

Safety Assurance

Safety is paramount in all our projects. Through our established partnership with an independent play safety inspections company, we ensure rigorous safety standards at every phase, from design review to post-completion assessments. Our comprehensive risk assessments provide peace of mind, enabling ambitious designs with minimal risk.wooden playground equipment drapers field

Client-Centric Approach

Every client collaboration brings fresh perspectives, driving our passion for innovation. We view play space creation as an opportunity for boundless imagination, and our collaborative process empowers clients to push design boundaries, resulting in superior end results.

As the role of a playground in an urban environment is ever evolving, the way in which we design playground equipment and playgrounds has to change too. By understanding the modern thoughts, philosophies and requirements of landscape architects we are in a prime position to create fantastic places that cater for today and the futures needs.

Connect with Us

To learn more about our collaborative design process and schedule a free online CPD session for your team, please contact us today by emailing



Old Ford Primary School Bespoke Playground

A couple of weeks ago we organised and designed quite an ambitious project for the W. R. BERKLEY CORPORATION team to take on. They are currently building one of London’s newest skyscrapers called ‘The Scalpel’ and soon showed what can be done when a corporation from the city works hard to put something back into the community.

A big thank you to the whole Scalpel team for all of their hard work and funding.

old ford school bespoke climbing frame

Why Bespoke?

PlayEquip are best known for the service we provide for teachers, parents, landscape architects and architects. It’s often the case where someone comes to us with an idea of what they want, a budget and the willingness to make the most of every penny. Often people are unnerved about the the word ‘bespoke’. This shouldn’t be the case. We have found that this is in fact the most effective way of creating exactly what you need and utilising your budget most effectively. Instead of trying make something fit, surely it makes sense to design around the space you have.

Bespoke play structure sketch


We craft bespoke playground equipment from the same materials we create the our ‘off-the-shelf’ equipment from. For us, creating a climbing frame to fit a 6m x 5m area is no real difference to producing one to fit a 8m x 6m area. We construct all of our products here in the UK to order, which allow total flexibility in design. We are more than happy to create safe and robust playground equipment from a quick sketch and a chat. Be assured that all of our bespoke playground equipment is design by a play safety expert and crossed check by an independent play inspector during the design process and post completion. All playground equipment that me install and design adhere the the European Safety Standards EN 1176. We enjoy working closely with our clients to make sure absolutely every detail is taken care of.

Check out some of latest bespoke playgrounds here

Bespoke playground equipment elephant and castle

Space is a premium, especially in the city. It’s vital to make the most of every square foot of space that you have. Through our years of developing some of the best climbing frames around, we believe that bespoke climbing frames and play structures is the only way to make the most of what you have got.


If you wanted a new kitchen, you wouldn’t try and make something fit, you would assess the house and it’s requirements and implement a design that suits your exact needs. With the high cost of playground equipment why would you try and make an off-the-shelf range fit in what little and valuable space you have? You’re probably now thinking the cost of this approach would be prohibitive? Well that’s where you’re wrong. Our wealth of knowledge of play design and expert knowledge of material use mean that the development of a bespoke climbing frame or structure is simpler and cheaper than you think.


If you wanted a new kitchen, you wouldn’t try and make something fit, you would assess the house and it’s requirements and implement a design that suits your exact needs. With the high cost of playground equipment why would you try and make an off-the-shelf range fit in what little and valuable space you have? You’re probably now thinking the cost of this approach would be prohibitive? Well that’s where you’re wrong. Our wealth of knowledge of play design and expert knowledge of material use mean that the development of a bespoke climbing frame or structure is simpler and cheaper than you think.

After a free consultation over a cup of tea, we will quickly formulate a plan that covers all of your requirements and maximum the potential of your budget. Our in-house design team and play safety experts* will create a concept drawing for your review free of charge. Final tweaks can then be made to the design until it’s perfect for your requirements.

Site Specific Design

We realise that most of our constructions are in sensitive locations. For this reason we create your bespoke climbing frames in modular units that can be transported from our UK workshop to site. This reduces time on site and provides a high finish in the controlled environment of a workshop.

Our UK workshop means that lead time for each project are dramatically reduced. Depending on scale, we can have a project on site within a few weeks of first contact. Construction phases can be completed within extremely short spaces of time, such as school holidays


Installation is quick, stress free and performed by our expert play specialists who have a wealth of knowledge of installation in schools, garden, parks and nurseries. We are well used to construction within root protection zones and do most excavations by hand, reducing noise and ensuring the least disruption as possible.

We believe that the old system of trying to make a square fit a circle is outdated. As the importance of play is realised more and more, we must provide the facility to make the most of it. If you a parent, teacher, architect, or third sector worker please get in touch for a chat and let’s make a difference.

Check out some of our bespoke climbing frames here


* All bespoke climbing frame are built to the European safety standard EN1176

bespoke school playgrounds

When it comes to playground equipment, there are endless
suppliers and different types of products to choose from, leading people to
wonder if bespoke playgrounds are worth the investment. There are a number of
reasons why we believe that you should invest in a bespoke playground including
better value for money, and the expert knowledge that bespoke playground
suppliers like the team here at Play Equip has.

bespoke playground construction

You Will Get More for
Your Money

Although bespoke playground often cost more than their
off-the-shelf counterparts, they are well worth the investment because they are
guaranteed to be suited to your specific needs. This ensures that you get
exactly what you want for your money and that all of the equipment will use the
available space in the best way possible.

In the long term, it’s better to pay more to get exactly the
type of playground that you need, rather than paying less for playground
equipment that you are not truly satisfied with.

Building bespoke playground equipment

Promotes Active Play
for All Ages

We’ve already mentioned the benefits of active play, and we truly believe
that investing in a bespoke playground is the best way to get children outdoors
and using the equipment. Having designed a wide range of bespoke playgrounds
and outdoor fitness equipment, we have the expert knowledge to create a
playground that will be fun, engaging, and promote active play for either a
specific age group or design a public playground aimed at a wider range of

Custom playgrounds for parks

Why Choose Play Equip
for Your Bespoke Playground

To guarantee the safety of your bespoke playground, all of
our designer and builders are familiar with EN 1176, the European Playground
Equipment Standards. This ensures that no matter how you want your bespoke
playground to look, all of the equipment will be safe for children to use.

Another reason to invest in a bespoke playground created by
us is that we use natural materials wherever possible to create beautiful
equipment that will last for years to come without the unnecessary use of
chemicals. To achieve this, we use oak and larch timber as both wood types are
naturally resilient to rot, which means that they do not require chemical
treatments. This not only makes our bespoke playgrounds more
environmentally-friendly but also makes them safer for children to use.

To find out how you could benefit from one of our bespoke playgrounds, get in
with our friendly team today.