Outdoor Playground Equipment Wembley

If you’re searching the internet for outdoor playground equipment, you might find there are a lot of different prices. In fact, the range is huge! So the answer to this question is really as much or as little as you want it to.

However, perhaps the best way to tackle this is not to consider the cost but instead value for money. After all, not everything expensive is worth the investment and cheap could mean buying twice. Assessing value for money is the best way to see the true worth of your investment.

contemporary bespoke playgroundsQuality materials, quality play

Here at Play Equip, we believe in value for money. While our products may not be the cheapest, they will last a lifetime and bring priceless memories for many years.

Made to last, high-quality natural playground equipment brings vitality and much needed natural experiences for children in a world where plastic has invaded. We believe in building for durability and only use the finest timber that offers natural resistance to weather damage. Our playground equipment is even strong enough for adults, so you can enjoy playground equipment with your children to bring out your inner child.

Knowledge and experiencecustom playground equipment london

Our many years supplying playground and outdoor gym equipment have seen us recognise pitfalls often identified with cheaper chemically treated wooden playground equipment, so we just don’t use them. The natural beauty of the wood we use only improves with age. Choosing chemical-free timber naturally resilient to rot embraces the organic properties of Oak, Larch and Robinia to ensure the highest maintenance-free quality equipment on the market.

Our stainless steel and galvanised fixings are engineered to last, giving 20 plus years of practically maintenance-free service. That cannot be said for the cheaper alternatives. So yes, you may pay more initially, but you are certainly guaranteeing the service and safety of your playground.

Wooden Playground EquipmentYears of use

Imagine the joy of seeing many generations of a family enjoying the same playground equipment. It could be your children and grandchildren playing on the same equipment. Equipment that will stand the test of time without constantly breaking, becoming unsafe or having to be disposed of and replaced.

Plastic and cheaper alternatives are all well and good, but they are subject to weather damage, often any more than the most infrequent of use can see them compromised and potentially unsafe. Is this value for money? If you constantly have to check and replace bolts and fixings, imagine the maintenance time and cost involved and the potential for injury that you are at risk of. We believe the actual value of playground equipment is investing to ensure that this is not what faces you

Lower turnover and replacement saves you money long-term

Paying a little more to ensure you buy quality equipment from leading natural playground equipment specialists will protect children’s play areas safely for the future. If you add up the maintenance time and money, time sourcing replacement parts or even whole pieces of equipment, costs can quickly increase. We believe in buying it right and buying it once. Choosing quality playground equipment that is hardwearing, beautiful to look at and guaranteed to last will mean you avoid much of the maintenance requirements or ongoing repair costs incurred with many plastic or cheap timber alternatives. Your initial saving from purchasing less sturdy reliable play equipment could easily be wiped out and leave you spending far more over the life of the equipment.

Buying the best value, not necessarily the cheapest play equipment makes commercial sense for open spaces and playgrounds. In home gardens, it makes emotional sense; you will get to see many generations enjoying the play equipment or at least have a valuable piece to pass on should you move. For bespoke, cost-effective playground equipment that ticks all the boxes, why not get in touch. We could help you plan a sustainable play area according to your budget and space.